Authorized waste managers and transporters

Eco Residuos Mediterráneo is a company with extensive experience in the sector of recycling and treatment of toner and printing cartridges.

About Us

Authorized waste managers

As Waste Managers authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency, our goal is to use the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at our recycling plant. They are much more than just keys, they are the guide to changing our habits and our way of understanding the economy.

Circular economy

Share, reuse, repair, renovate and recycle

What do we do?

Our Services

Recycling of paper and documents

Collection and recycling of all types of non-confidential documents ensuring compliance with regulations.

Cleaning and emptying of industrial warehouses and premises​

Cleaning and emptying of industrial warehouses and premises

Destruction of confidential documents

Collection, certified destruction and recycling of all types of documents containing confidential data

Computer equipment

We are aware of the environment and therefore we provide a service of collection and management of material

Printing ink and toner cartridges

They need treatment after sorting, they will undergo disassembly of plastic, metal, toner powder

Other services

Treatment of toner and WEEE and non-RAEE, recycling of printing ink cartridges, stationery and cage services