Ink cartridges and printing toner

Collection, certified destruction and recycling

Among other wastes we are final toner plant

Printing ink and toner cartridges are already considered electrical and electronic waste, so at the end of their useful life they must submit to the control and treatment obligations established in R.D. 110/2015 that regulates this type of waste. Our activity is authorized to do so by giving it a specific recycling treatment since we have qualified employees and state-of-the-art machinery for its treatment and recycling.

Toner and printing cartridges that need treatment after classification will undergo disassembly of the main components such as plastic, metal, toner powder and crushing of the plastic to give it a later useful life, becoming raw material. circular economy


Treatment and crushing of compatible toner

Treatment and classification

All compatible toner needs proper treatment and after classification will be subjected to disassembly of the main components such as plastic, metal, toner powder and shredding of the plastic to give it a subsequent useful life becoming raw material.


Our goal is for recycling to convert waste into raw materials that return to the production chain


Do not throw them away, we will recycle them for you, all the waste we throw away is not really garbage, but usable resources


We help you meet environmental obligations by promoting sustainability and the circular economy

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